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Week 11 - Stanthorpe

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This report finds us in Stanthorpe where the temperatures are lucky to reach half of what we experienced just over a week ago. Yes the 'Winter Woollies' have been dragged out from under the bed.

Sunday 4 Oct - Cania Gorge and the Queensland School Holidays are drawing to a close. Almost 50% of the campers have moved out. Less humans but an abundance of birds. Much more relaxed.

Monday 5 Oct
- spent most of the morning exploring some of the bush walks. Weather is a bit overcast and the temperature has come down to the high 20s. Relaxed and read books and watched the birds.

Tuesday 6 Oct
- I've been invited to help cook damper for the 'Billy Tea and Damper' event at 10:00. Rick the acting manager didn't need me but let me prepare one of the loaves. Surprised myself at how well the loaf turned out. Almost as good as his and he cooks them twice a week. More relaxing with still fewer 'ankle biters' and the birds are less timid. A few of the King Parrots have delighted us by perching on our table, chair backs and Jenny's arm. Identified no less than 15 species of birds with quite a few we couldn't positively put a name to. One of the more notable was the red-winged parrot.

Wednesday 7 Oct
- packed up early and headed South on the Burnett Highway and after receiving advice from the Oasis Roadhouse we pushed on to Dalby. Checked into the caravan park located less than 5 minutes walk from the centre of town. Shopped for fruit and vege, fuelled the Patrol and removed the grime from the Patrol at the local car-wash. As with almost every place we've stayed there are severe water restrictions, in Dalby there's an immediate $150 fine for inappropriate use. Had to dig out the heavier doona to ward off the 4 degree overnight temperature.

Thursday 8 Oct
- walked the town with the camera and Jenny found a quilt show due to open on Friday, the shop keeper let her in for a private conducted tour. Jenny was most impressed with the quality of the quilts. I found Dalby to be a very tidy town with almost all shops occupied and seeming vibrant and affluent, all in all quite impressive.

Friday 9 Oct - broke camp early and headed for Stanthorpe. The highway to Toowoomba was crowded with trucks and an incredible number of utes heading West, fortunately there wasn't too much traffic in our direction. The route through Toowoomba was a bit of a challenge but the SatNav and some judicious road signs saw us through to Warwick without the need of a U-turn !! Arrived in Stanthorpe and booked into the Top of Town park. Very friendly staff and well presented park. Slipped into town for some vital shopping.

Saturday 10 Oct
- visited the local Gardening Club Trade Fair. Many beautiful flowers and also handicrafts for sale. The local climate appears to suit roses and many interesting examples were on display. Next stop was the biannual Quilt Show, once again there was an extensive range of beautiful quilts on display. It must have been pretty good, we spent over an hour there. Travelled South to visit some of the 'tourist attractions' and visited a chocolate outlet, a jam enterprise and an Ugg-Boot shop. General impression of Stanthorpe is very positive, if a bit too obsessed with the 54 wineries in the area.

Sunday 11 Oct
- church and markets are planned for this morning. After lunch some of the 'attractions' North of the town. Back into NSW on Monday. It is raining !!!

Not long to go now, we'll be home in just over 2 weeks. We continue to be in good health and hope this finds you likewise.

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